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Commercial Use

In relation to the commercial and industrial sectors, there are an increasing number of drivers for the recycling of water. Aside from the growing cost and in some instances limitation of the supply of portable water, the cost of dealing with waste are escalating rapidly. For waste water removal, businesses can be charged up to three times the portable water purchase price for the removal and treatment of wastewater.

Governments are now seeking long term solutions, while individuals and industry look to safeguard their specific interests and make a meaningful community contribution.

Building codes, new regulations for commercial and industrial developments and the desire to be self-sufficient, are all leading to an increase in the occurrence of on-site solutions.

With these new regulations and increasing charges, a large market is developing for those who can deliver a scalable wastewater solution. The AquaReuse grey water treatment system is one such system.

Industries that are suited to the AquaReuse grey water treatment system include fast food outlets, restaurants, food processing plants, retirement facilities, caravan parks, resorts and shopping centres. The advantage the AquaReuse grey water treatment system has for these markets is its modular design and installation capability.


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