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Domestic Use

AquaReuse has created a process to recycle grey water into clean reuse water. Grey water is all household wastewater, ie. the water stream that comes from the laundry, bathroom (excluding toilet) and kitchen areas of a home. It is the wastewater from baths, showers, hand basins, laundry tubs, washing machines, kitchen sinks and dishwashers.

Typically, 65% of water that goes down the drain on a residential property is 'grey water'. This water can be treated to a standard that meets public health and regulatory requirements for non-drinking use. Ideal for garden irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing, window washing and outdoor hosing. Technology now has the potential to be applied in all types of residences from single dwellings to major infrastructures, to deliver clean safe water for use on site.

Our simple natural process treats domestic grey water at source and creates quality reuse water. The treatment system is safe, low cost and natural. No chemicals or additional additives are required to treat the grey water. A small amount of power is used to operate two pumps, with a run time of less than one hour per day, to operate the system including the delivery of the treated water to the various on site usage points.

AquaReuse Director and Co-Founder Nicholas Try says that the concept of recycling water is not new. Homes in the Rouse Hill area of North West Sydney currently have treated water delivered to them from a local wastewater plant. Households have lilac pipes and taps for water usage other than drinking, as well as town water supplies. The Rouse Hill plant is the longest running in Australia, having been in operation for 15 years.

"The benefit of AquaReuse's product is that individuals wishing to recycle water don't have to wait for their councils or water authorities to establish a water treatment plant and reticulation system. Purchasing our filter enables people to do it themselves", Mr Try said.


As part of the development and accreditation process, AquaReuse sought an independent scientific advisory organisation to examine the performance of our system and report their findings. ECOWISE ENVIRONMENTAL was chosen because of its reputation, strong standing in the industry, worldwide experience, and very importantly, their wastewater findings.

The following tables are from a technical memorandum prepared by Dr Therese Flapper, Principal Environmental Scientist at Ecowise. The report also shows what is required for the Grey Water Treatment (GWTS) to achieve Australian Standards.

The test samples were taken at a full scale test facility set up for NSW Health accreditation purposes at Jervis Bay Cabins and Camping NSW. The results, despite unusually high bacterial levels in the influent, show that the technology performs particularly well and produces treated water that is significantly better quality than that required for compliance.

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